Weekly on Wednesdays April 19th - May 24th

The Quincy Mini Golf League is a weekly weekday mini golf league for anyone who loves to play Mini golf, Enjoy a short walk with drink in your hand, and possibly attain Quincy Mini Golf Glory. 
Details about our premiere Season are below and we invite you to sign up for further updates and information on how to register.

League Nights

Week 1- Straight up Stroke play, Skins on 3 holes, 1-3rd pay out. 

Week 2- Half n Half, Play one 9 dominate hand, Play the other 9 the opposite. Skins from week previous, 1-3rd pay out

Week 3- Doubles (bring a partner or we will double your score or pair you with one) skins from previous week or new 1-3rd pay out

Week 4- 1v1 match play, Play a normal round and choose your person to battle. Skins, All winners of their match are entered into a drawing for the top 3 place payouts are equal

Week 5- Straight up stroke play, Special prize for person with most 6’s, Skins on 3 holes. (no winners after week 5, random drawing for whatever is left. Payout 1-3

Week 6- League Championship, Trophies 1-3 and Payout.

*League Nights are subject to change*

  • Max score per hole 6 (stop at 6 even if you’re still trying)
  • Relief is 8.5 inches from obstacle or wall, also the same length of the scorecard… convenient!
  • Out of bounds is 1 shot penalty brought back on line of the ball played with 8.5 inch relief front the boundary
  • Tee off from between markers or behind or on designated putting pad
  • Must take relief from an out of bounds ball (cannot play from the rocks, water, etc
  • Tee off anytime on the day of the event, Must have a scorecard signed by all players and submitted to the league. 
  • League dues and Payouts will be done via Venmo or cash

Spring 2023 Fee’s

Weekly Entry $5

$4.25 dollars for the round of mini golf (pay at the concession stand)

$5 dollars paid to League Via Venmo or cash, (can pay all weeks at one time)

Putters can be rented (included in your greens fee) or bring your own USGA approved clubs and balls only. (Week 2 will require 2 putters, or a double sided putter)

All League memberships include but are not limited to the following. 

  • Fun Times

  • Complimentary Volvik Golf Ball

  • Rule sheets and Relief Measuring Stick

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